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Our thanks to the following people for their contributions to this paper:
Ananin, Nick -
Barton, James P. -
Beckett, Doug -
Bryant, Dirk -
Cihlar, Josef -
Delaney, Jeff -
Dennis, John -
Dennis, Judith -
Ellis, Liz -
Gardner-Outlaw, Tom -
Glen, William -
Gillam, Simon -
Gonzalez, Patricio -
Hnatiuk, Roger -
Jensen, J. -
Joshi, Mahendra -
Kapos, Val -
Korotkov, Alexander -
Lamers, Sjef -
Magnussen, Steen -
Mehmood, Sayeed -
Melnyk, Mary -
Mize, Carl W. -
Niemann, Tom -
Norton, Douglas -
Null, Bill -
Palo, Matti -
Plum, Peter Monk -
Prins, Christopher -
Prueller, Renate -
Sampson, N. -
Schmitz, Friedrich -
Schmutzenhofer, Heinrich -
Steffenson, John -
Vanclay, Jerry -
Whyte, Graham -
Wong, Nelson -
A special thanks to:
Risto Paivinen ( for offering the services of IUFRO Research Group 4.02 to
help with the report,
Brian Haddon ( and Michele Kaennel ( for setting up the IUFRO Working Party 6.03.02 LFC discussion list,
Val Kapos (WCMC), Dirk Bryant (WRI), and Alex Korotkov (UNECE) for sharing their data, and
Judith Dennis and James Barton (New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) for their last minute analyses of the data and report..


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[Some Final Notes
[Appendix 1-Basic Data For Low Forest Ccver Analyse]