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Approaches and policy options

The security of supply of forest goods and services is a matter of particular importance in different ways at local, national and global levels. Mechanisms to ensure the long- term security of supply will require appropriate, institutiorts, information flows as well as the necessary resources. National Action programmes constitute a good basis for addressing the needs and of Action which contains, among other elements, information exchange capacity building adaptive LFCCs, may accommodates possible options in order to ensure the long - term economic development and securing forest goods and services in developing LFCCs.

Policies an activities for rehabilitation and the restoration of forests in developing LFCCs create great opportunities for sustainable development in all economic, social and environmental dimensions. These opportunities include, inter alia diversification of national economy, food security, rural development, creation of employment eradication of poverty, particularly women's poverty, empowerment of women, preservation of unique type of forests, carbon sequestration, desertification process, loss of biodiversity degradation of existing forests degradation of forests watershed preservation of water quality and quantity, water resource pollution, this regard, in addition to all other forms of support, the convention to coordinating international support for undertaking such actions. water resource is also a prerequisite for the expansion of forest cover in the developing LFCCs.

Civil society, including , local communities , NGOs and private sector also have an important role to play in the management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests including the unique types of forests. Mechanisms for the involvement of all stwill facilitate the process of choosing and implementing policies for reforestation and afforestation.

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