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The I.R. of Iran is situated In the arid zone of the world. From the point of view of the magnitude of the forest cover, the I.R. of Iran is categorized as a country with low forest cover. However, this country has got varied forest types with rich biological dirversity.
The old valuable forest of the country plays the same significant role as in about 70 other low forest cover developing countries, for example, In national economy, food security, water security and subsistence of the millions of local people in these countries. Despite considrable cultural, economic; and political differences these developing countries share a common feature i.e. scarcity of forest cover and close dependence of people on forests. Accordingly, the I.R. of Iran's initiative, which is approved by the IFF, is also welcomed by low forest cover countries, other interested countries as well as international organization.
such as FAO, UNEP, UNDP, the Tehran LFCCs meeting aims to exchange views and experience on how to address the special needs and requirements of these countries by adopting important strategic proposals for action and rendering practical approaches for the consideration of the decision makers, for eventual use in compiling and drawving up National Action programmes of these countries, as well as at regional and international level and In global forestry agreements.